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People doing work may make errors, so there is a facility to record any significant complaints about workmanship in the log book. If a complaint has been made, the results of any subsequent investigations and/or remedial actions taken are also recorded. This enables the licence holder to demonstrate how a competent level of performance has been regained so that it can be reviewed in subsequent assessments. In more serious cases, a recommendation to revoke a licence may be made to the IRSE. A licence is only revoked after an independent review of the circumstances and there is also an appeals process.
This area of the website provides the function for a complaint to be raised against an individuals licence category.

Complaints against licence-holders must be made on-line by anyone with access to the IRSE Licensing website. When the complaint is submitted, a reminder is sent to a designated e-mail address (normally the Licensing Registrar) to inform IRSE Licensing personnel that a new complaint has been submitted which requires investigation.  Originators of complaints who submit a complaint on-line can also upload associated documents electronically, and these are subsequently accessible to IRSE Licensing personnel via this website.

To make a complaint about an individuals licensable work please click on 'make a complaint' on the left hand side menu.

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